Monday, 13 April 2009

Day 114 - Sewing

One hundred and fourteen days? Doesn't time fly!

It has busy of late, the hubby's birthday followed by my gorgeous little girl turning three, then my mum's birthday, Easter and, this weekend, my birthday too. I will be a stone heavier by the end of April because of all the cake.

I have two mosaics outstanding (not to be confused with outstanding mosaics) that a lack of time, space and materials have prevented me from completing. My butterfly picture and my abstract flowers mirror remain unfinished, which is frustrating. However I have begun to sew, which is something I find I can do in front of the telly and without the same level of mess that mosaics make.

I am not the first crafty mum who has had to choose between sleep and hoovering every night! I like nothing better than to sit and mosaic, but I cannot maintain a daily hoovering schedule in order to save my family's feet from being shredded by the stray shards. I have a small (but perfectly formed) little cottage and no workspace of my own. The table we use for breakfast, lunch and dinner is also used for mosaic work, painting, playdough, cutting material, working and studying, it also often doubles as a workbench for my husband! Thank goodness we chose a solid wood table, I am sure it will be sanded back and re-varnished/waxed many times over the years as our life goes on around and over it.

I have no photos of my work to show beyond the bag below. My camera is proving difficult. I have a fairly cheap olympus 830 and for the life of me I cannot get it to take a decent picture of my work. It seems to have two settings - over-exposed or blurred. If this blog is to be any kind of record of what I do then I need to address the camera issue for sure.

So for now, so as not to leave this entry unadorned, a picture of my darling girl chasing her daddy through a garden on her 3rd birthday: