Friday, 20 May 2011

The Matryoshka returns

Quite some time ago I wrote a tutorial to make one of my matryoshka dolls.  I created a rather rough-round-the-edges template and used to share it.  However many readers have had troubles downloading the file :( I have been happily emailing out copies when requested but then I discovered Google I have now updated the link in my original tutorial.  If you would like to download the lovely but scribbly hand-drawn template you can now do so here.

Strangely this all coincides with the discovery of an unfinished matryoshka doll...

Mystery doll!

Whilst having a clear out I discovered this doll still waiting to be brought to life - completed and pinned and ready to sew, but somehow found hiding in the bottom of my "To Do" basket.  I had no idea what she looked like as I have no recollection of making her. 

This made the sewing process rather exciting! Two minutes on the sewing machine and I turned out this beautiful lady...

After sewing

A bit of stuffing and a quick application of make-up and the latest Matryoshka was ready to face the world!  Please meet...Thomasina!


She may look like a Lady but Thomasina has a past.  Yes indeed.  When I asked Mr Snipsnaphappy his opinion on the following photo (I wanted to know if it showed Thomasina's best side) he felt it looked as though she was "standing in the light of a street lamp waiting for trade"...

"Lady of the Night"

Thomasina is a bad girl made good, working her way up and out of the streets and onto a better life in the leafy Kentish suberbs.  She spreads the word of the Matryoshka Doll Tutorial and encourages people to make their own beautiful friends for themselves and for others!  You should listen to her - go try the tutorial! And do stop by to let me know how you got on :)


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Big Happy Blanket - April/May update

Caution: This post contains highly colourful scenes of a crocheted nature.

Big Happy Blanket progress - April/May 2011

During my unexpected blogging break during April I became a whole year older.  I am now at an age where I keep forgetting how old I am, I find myself counting back to 1977 to work it out.  I'll let you do the maths! My birthday was a rather understated affair as I was rather sickly with sinusitis (never had it before and never want it again, yuck).  Hubby still owes me a White Company wild mint scented candle too as we never made it to the shops to get it... *COUGHITYCOUGH*

Also during April the Big Happy blanket became ever so slightly bigger.

Big Happy Blanket progress - April/May 2011

I took all these pictures on Easter Sunday, which was a few weeks ago now, so as I type it is bigger still.

Big Happy Blanket progress - April/May 2011

So far the blanket is earning its name.  It is very hard not to get happy when you look at it :)  The colours are completely random and usually based on whatever colour Lillia pulls out of the bag to use next. I am loving how it is coming together.  I am looking forward to the chilly winter days already....only 7 months until Christmas you know, I'd best speed up.

Trying to be clever I went upstairs to get an "aerial" photo of it...

Big Happy Blanket progress - April/May 2011

...I wonder if you can see it from space yet?

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Easter candles

Major apologies for my sudden extended absence.  Our 5-year-old had one day short of three weeks off for the Easter holidays, and with the extended bank holiday weekend for Kate and Wills everything turned into a kind of long and lazy holiday.

The weather has been...well...pretty spectacular. We've had many long,warm,sunny days here in the south of England so there's been lots of yummy eating and drinking in the outdoors...

Fresh melon :)

Pimms o'clock gets earlier and earlier ;)


The Royal Wedding weekend was a patriotic fest of fun and champagne :)  Seriously, there's nothing like a bit of good old British pomp and ceremony to cheer you up and give you the excuse to drink before midday.

Royal Wedding weekend :)

And during this little hiatus from blogging I have also been doing a small amount of naval-gazing.  To be or not to be?  To blog or not to blog?  Well....

I have been blogging since before blogs existed - anyone remember Diaryland? ;)  When I was very sick I blogged through it and never thought about stopping because it was essential to me.  If I'm completely honest I edit myself a lot more on Snipsnaphappy.  So do I stay or do I go?  Well I will always blog that's for sure, so now it's to decide what kind of change I need to make.

In the meantime though there has been a lot of creating going on and I have plenty to share with you.  So please bare with me whilst I am indecisive, there's plenty to keep you distracted whilst I muse.

I need to share with you the progress on the Big Happy blanket...

Crochet in the garden

..and a few other things besides...

Letter hearts ♥

And finally...I am feeling MUCH better these days.  More on this in a future post but I am almost feeling kind of normal again.  More from me in a day or two, but for now I have a glass of wine and Eurovision.  Until next time dear readers...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I'm still alive... not fear dear readers I am still alive!  But I have been pulled in the very busy direction of easter holidays and school events.  I'll be back, very soon I promise, very very soon!