Thursday, 15 January 2009

Days twenty-six to thirty-two: Emotional Wreck

I have just finished reading My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Good grief! I've been through half a box of tissues and I am still sniffling now.

I need a dose of Mamma Mia now to cheer me up.

The last week has involved rather a lot of sniffling actually. Not sure if it's January, the drugs, or the doom and gloom of the recession, but I have been feeling somewhat glum overall.

I have surprised myself though in that I have still managed, if only for half an hour, to get some creativity into each day. Mainly it has been my mosaics, I have been working on about three simultaneously and I am slowly teaching myself to be less cautious and more willing to jump in feet first. If the end result isn’t what I intended so what, I take those lessons and I move on. Who knows maybe the end result will be better than I intended.

In addition to mosaics I am working on a movie for my sister’s 30th birthday; a collection of video clips and photos, plus a version of Peter Kay’s Is This the Way to Amarillo video that I can barely edit without crying with laughter.

A month into my creative journey I am already finding that it is getting easier to find the time to do the things I really enjoy and that absorb me totally. It’s a form of meditation in a way, and I know it’s helping me cope with the challenges life brings in a way that can only get bigger and better.

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