Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lack of sleep

Usual crafting has been slower this week.  My previously slightly swollen tummy has suddenly turned much larger, and the baby within is very wriggly, especially throughout the night.  Then there's the night-time weeing and the strange hormone-induced dreams, all of which make for rather sleepless nights.  I am exhausted.

My sewing basket, stuffed to the brim with cut fabric ready to be turned into various bags and boxy pouches, is somewhat neglected...

Although my crochet is still by my side most evenings, especially as the first of the babies due in our family this year arrived yesterday!  Another little hat is in production...

It's lovely to be able to crochet little personal gifts for people.

Of course when you're tired tea and biscuits are always a fabulous remedy so activity in the kitchen has been a little less sluggish...

(Some of these are supposed to be Gingerbread Monsters...!)

Plus I have another little project up my sleeve, all to be revealed shortly but here's a sneaky peek...

All will be revealed very soon :)  In the meantime, another cup of tea and a lie down is in order *yawn*


  1. Take it easy missus and enjoy these less rushing around days.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  2. I hope you get some sleep soon, I must say I don't miss being pregnant.
    How long have you got to go?
    Love the gingerbread monsters!

  3. Well, you can't do without the cookies, that's for sure! Hope you get some sleep soon. I remember those days....

  4. Oh Ali Im exactly the same! Awake all night and feeling zonked all day! we made shortbread this week to keep us going! Hope you get lots of rest, what are your dreams about? mine all seem to be quite rude and my poor husband hasn't featured in any! he he!!!! how terrible am I?! take care, fliss xxx


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