Thursday, 17 February 2011

Friday Club Home Carnival - My Granny's needle

I've been thoroughly enjoying the range of interesting topics and posts in notesfromhome's Friday Club, so I thought I'd have a bash myself.  This week's topic is to write about a cherished item I have in my home, what it means to me and why.  I had a wee think and a look about and then I decided to tell you about this...

No, not the purse, but what's inside...

Safety pins? Nooo. I use those for stitch marking.  Look closer...

Yes, it's a needle. 

No ordinary needle though.  This is the needle I use to weave in ends when I am making my crochet creations.  My mum gave it to me, and my paternal grandmother gave it to her.  So it's pretty old, it's pretty small and it means a lot to me.  My grandmother and my mother used it in knitting, I use it in crochet, but we all used it for our own creative things.

I never met my paternal granny, she died a few weeks before I was born so it means a lot to use something every day that she used many moons ago.  I came to crochet on my own, nobody taught me, my mum never crocheted.  I saw my sister doing it and thought, oooh, I fancy a go at that, and bought myself a book to teach myself.  The rest is history.  Could it be a genetic predisposition to crafts involving yarn? :)

I still do lots and lots of crafts, even sell my clay creations (though my shops are on vacation mode right now) But crochet is my chill out craft, my sit-back-and-relax activity, my treat on bad days, my occupation on long car journeys.  It's good to know that the granny I never met is somehow with me whilst I while away the cold winter evenings with crochet hook and needle in hand. 

So to me this tiny little slither of metal means a lot and I am hoping, if I am very careful with it, it will pass on to another generation of crafter.  Unless of course my girls prefer football and sport to sewing and crafts.  But you know, footballers will always need socks...

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  1. Great post! What a special thing to have passed down. I do think creativity runs in the bloodline, for sure! (At least, it does in my family.)

  2. What a beautiful story. I love the idea of these things being passed down the generations.

    Thanks so much for taking part this week, don't forget to email me the link :) x

  3. Lovely story. I'd be terrified of losing it! Your granny would be very happy that it's getting so much good use :)

  4. That's so poignant! I have lots of treasures that were my Gran's. She taught me to knit, which I think is the greatest gift anyone has given me.

  5. Gorgeous story, lucky you. See, these are the things that mean the most to us aren't they, not the fancy shoes and handbags. Great post, made me smile, and love your photos too. I am envious of your talent...

  6. That's a lovely story and I love your blog x x


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