Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rocks and flowers

I just wanted to share with you some lovely sunny pictures taken over the weekend.  With Mr Snipsnaphappy away on a stag weekend (axe throwing and whisky drinking) the girls and I decamped to my mum's house with it's large sunny back garden, and of course the extra pair of hands offered by Granny!

Lillys in Granny's garden

There is something about bright flowers on a backdrop of stones on a hot day, I just can't resist taking photos of them...

Flowers & rocks

Flowers & Rocks

Shell in Granny's garden

Flowers in Granny's garden

I even got a chance (ok about five minutes) to put my tootsies up and browse through the latest Ideal Home magazine.  I like to play my own personal game of "When I Have My Forever House I Will...." when browsing through interiors magazines.  In this case When I Have My Forever House I Will have a guest room that looks very much like this...

Room inspiration from Ideal Home :)

*sigh* How lovely :)

Not so sunny the last couple of days of course, but that's fine with me, I do love a bit of rain. Half term is now over, Lillia is back at school & we are on the last leg of the school year...lots of change and transition afoot this year...

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  1. Such bold, beautiful colors in those photos. Glad you got an extra pair of hands, too!


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