Sunday, 22 March 2009

Losing track of the days

I must count what day I am on in my year of creativity, I am losing track.

Still, no matter what day we're at the snipsnaphappy household has been a hive of creativity over the last week. The spring equinox arrived on Friday and with it some fantastic fresh and sunny weather.

We emerged blinking into the back garden after a long dark winter and starting cutting back weeds, reclaiming the lawn and repotting plants. We reaquainted ourselves with our neighbours over the garden fence and we got mud under our fingernails. Our little girl has been itching to put the ornamental butterflies we found at a local fair onto the shed, so at last we did.

Hubby has repainted walls, put up shelves and finished off cupboards and bits around the house. Whilst I have been sewing! Sewing is something I always assumed, thanks to my awful school and terible teachers, that I was no good at whatsoever. Turns out this may not be the case. I am hope I am not speaking too soon and that I don't now meet with an untimely end related to a sewing machine accident..

I bought some cheap but quality striped fabric from Ikea and found a bag pattern on t'internet. I nicked my mum's old Elna sewing machine, she gave me a quick lesson, and I was away and stitiching! The bag is far from finished so I will keep some suspense and post pictures later.

It's great to be throwing myself into all these crafts. I don't have much time for it, I work four days a week and I am a mum 24/7. Today was mother's day so hubby took over the bulk of the day-to-day stuff so I could have a me-day.
The more I read blogs and look at pictures on flickr, and find patterns and look for inspiration, the more I realise I am part of an enormous group of creative artistic people who need no excuse for making something, it's just...what they do. For years I thought that being creative and artistic was just a luxury, now I realise it's ok to create something for the sake of it, and that it is ok to give it priority.

I never expected this year to be such a big journey.

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