Friday, 6 March 2009

Off to the Martin Cheek course tomorrow!

All packed! Tomorrow I am off to Broadstairs to go on one of Martin Cheek's courses.

I am both incredibly excited and horribly nervous. I live in Kent so it's a 90 minute drive down to the coast, which isn't too bad but I am not an entirely confident driver so I am slightly nervous at being let loose on the motorway just me, my fiesta and a sat nav.

I am staying the night at a B&B down there as it is a two day course and it wouldn't be worth spending three hours on the road both days. I will miss hubby and my little girl, and of course there's the ol' mother's guilt to throw into the bargain, but I am assured by one and all that some time out for me is well earned and deserved.

I still feel guilty though.

I am however very excited to be learning from a real master and I am keen to see what work of art I come up with by Sunday, watch this space.


  1. how exciting ali!! it's always so inspiring to take a class with a master artist. i can't wait until you come back and show what you've learned! have a great time!

  2. ali-that comment was from me. i'm having a hard time commenting so i used another id. crazy!

    Donna Post


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