Thursday, 3 December 2009

A little blip...

It's hard to know how much of real life should spill into a blog such as this. 

The main topic of this blog is building crafts and arts and lovely such stuff into my busy every day life as a working mum.  I want the feel to be happy and cosy, the tone to be that of a conversation with an old friend about I've been up to lately.  I want it to be the kind of blog that leaves people, including me, feeling nice inside.  Which is why it's difficult to let reality, the hard side of life, seep in.  But seep in it does.

I had a miscarriage yesterday.  I was six weeks pregnant, it was early days, it was all very straight forward, not much pain involved other than heartache.  This news has nothing to do with crochet, or crafts, or baking, or making dolls or mosaics or happy things so it really should have no place here.

Normal crafting cosy happiness will resume in the next post, life does after all go on.  But if I were catching up with an old friend then that is what I would tell them.  Off topic or not. We lost our baby yesterday, and that hurts.


  1. Ali, I'm so, so sorry! I can't fully understand how deeply that must hurt, but being a mom, I can imagine on some level. Take the time you need to heal. Maybe some crafty stuff will even help with that a bit. Wish there was a magic wand to wave and make it all better, but the best I can do is offer some virtual hugs and good wishes. Hang in there!

  2. Oh Ali Ali......I am so very sorry for your loss. I know you and your husband are hurting now and I wish I had the magic words to comfort you both but these things have no real explanation. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your pain. Part of why I love reading about your adventures and your blog is that you do feel like an old friend even though we've never met. If i were there, I'd give you a big hug but for now, a cyber hug is all I've got.....So sorry.

  3. Ali, so sorry to hear of your loss. Sending you and your family my best wishes. Fi x

  4. Thanks girls! Thanks for the lovely comments and the cyber hugs. We're doing fine really, it was awful when it happened but we're made of tough stuff and we'll survive.
    Thanks again for the supportive comments, they are appreciated very very much indeed xx

  5. Oh Ali, I have been such a pants friend. I could have known so much if i'd made the effort to read your blog. I thought I had put it into my google reader but I hadn't - it is there now and I promise that I shall be an avid reader and certainly never be behind on what is happening. I know we speak by email and text but I should have been reading - i'm sorry. Love and hugs xx

  6. Lottie - you couldn't be a rubbish friend if you tried! xx


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