Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 358: Little gifts

"I need neither future nor past, but to learn to take today not too fast. "
                                                                                       Jeb Dickerson

Christmas is a mad time for us, we spend a most of our weekends during December on motorways travelling up and down the country visiting our various parents and step-parents.  Creation continues though; car travel affords a bit of time to crochet or plan the next exciting crafty adventure in my head. 

Visiting friends and family means gifts are needed too, and what is more personal then a few little homemade treats?

For various friends and family around the country (and one international friend too) some radiator smellies were posted out this week...

I have to say I made rather a lot of them.

These are just a teeny sample.

They are extremely easy to make and the smell of the crushed cinnamon and cloves is just pure christmas indulgence.

Here they are all wrapped up and ready to be posted out.  Excuse the office paraphenalia, I took these pictures at work as it's always too dark when I get home to get any pictures.  I expect they made the post office sorting room smell delightful!

I do love wrapping things up...

With lots of sparkle and festive touches...

Little fimo hearts and string made from recycled paper...

I also have a weakness for stickers, yum!

I hope the recipients are enjoying their little gifts as I write :)

For a much younger family member some more of the felt post I first made back in September...

Little Gracie is only 2 years old so she is just the right age for a bit of postal make believe!  I made sure nobody was left out of the fun of course...

The little letters to go inside have cardboard inside to make them a bit sturdier and easier to get in and out of the envelopes...

I love creating things as gifts, it is such a pleasure, I just wish I had more free time to do it!



  1. What we creative types need for Christmas is more time, right? ;) I love little handmade gifts, too, and yours look lovely.

  2. Thanks! Yes, we need an extra week, with no kids or husbands or work getting in the way! ;)


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