Saturday, 14 May 2011


Easter candles

Major apologies for my sudden extended absence.  Our 5-year-old had one day short of three weeks off for the Easter holidays, and with the extended bank holiday weekend for Kate and Wills everything turned into a kind of long and lazy holiday.

The weather has been...well...pretty spectacular. We've had many long,warm,sunny days here in the south of England so there's been lots of yummy eating and drinking in the outdoors...

Fresh melon :)

Pimms o'clock gets earlier and earlier ;)


The Royal Wedding weekend was a patriotic fest of fun and champagne :)  Seriously, there's nothing like a bit of good old British pomp and ceremony to cheer you up and give you the excuse to drink before midday.

Royal Wedding weekend :)

And during this little hiatus from blogging I have also been doing a small amount of naval-gazing.  To be or not to be?  To blog or not to blog?  Well....

I have been blogging since before blogs existed - anyone remember Diaryland? ;)  When I was very sick I blogged through it and never thought about stopping because it was essential to me.  If I'm completely honest I edit myself a lot more on Snipsnaphappy.  So do I stay or do I go?  Well I will always blog that's for sure, so now it's to decide what kind of change I need to make.

In the meantime though there has been a lot of creating going on and I have plenty to share with you.  So please bare with me whilst I am indecisive, there's plenty to keep you distracted whilst I muse.

I need to share with you the progress on the Big Happy blanket...

Crochet in the garden

..and a few other things besides...

Letter hearts ♥

And finally...I am feeling MUCH better these days.  More on this in a future post but I am almost feeling kind of normal again.  More from me in a day or two, but for now I have a glass of wine and Eurovision.  Until next time dear readers...


  1. So wonderful to hear how much better you are feeling :). Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

    Ele x

  2. Hi Ali, glad to see you posting again and that you're feeling better, love the colours in your happy you think we have much hope of winning eurovision, lol.

    lily x

  3. Hello Ali. What a wonderful blog you have; I started reading and got so engrossed that I have completely forgotten how I got here!

    I'm so pleased you're feeling better. Your Big Happy Blanket is gorgeous - crochet therapy, what a fabulous idea!

    Wishing you heaps and heaps of happy days,

    Heather x

  4. Hey Ali,
    Good to see you back in blogland! I thought maybe you'd gotten lost under your big happy blanket...

    Glad to hear that you're beginning to emerge from your dismal PPD winter.

    I'm interested to see where the next step of blogging takes you!

    take care.

  5. I was just thinking about the Big Happy Blanket today and wondering how it was progressing. Lazy, warm days sound just right to me!


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