Friday, 20 May 2011

The Matryoshka returns

Quite some time ago I wrote a tutorial to make one of my matryoshka dolls.  I created a rather rough-round-the-edges template and used to share it.  However many readers have had troubles downloading the file :( I have been happily emailing out copies when requested but then I discovered Google I have now updated the link in my original tutorial.  If you would like to download the lovely but scribbly hand-drawn template you can now do so here.

Strangely this all coincides with the discovery of an unfinished matryoshka doll...

Mystery doll!

Whilst having a clear out I discovered this doll still waiting to be brought to life - completed and pinned and ready to sew, but somehow found hiding in the bottom of my "To Do" basket.  I had no idea what she looked like as I have no recollection of making her. 

This made the sewing process rather exciting! Two minutes on the sewing machine and I turned out this beautiful lady...

After sewing

A bit of stuffing and a quick application of make-up and the latest Matryoshka was ready to face the world!  Please meet...Thomasina!


She may look like a Lady but Thomasina has a past.  Yes indeed.  When I asked Mr Snipsnaphappy his opinion on the following photo (I wanted to know if it showed Thomasina's best side) he felt it looked as though she was "standing in the light of a street lamp waiting for trade"...

"Lady of the Night"

Thomasina is a bad girl made good, working her way up and out of the streets and onto a better life in the leafy Kentish suberbs.  She spreads the word of the Matryoshka Doll Tutorial and encourages people to make their own beautiful friends for themselves and for others!  You should listen to her - go try the tutorial! And do stop by to let me know how you got on :)



  1. Don't you love a good opinion from the hub? How is it they're all so similar when it comes to these things? :)

  2. They can't miss an opportunity to be smutty. (I think it causes them physical pain!)


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