Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Creative Stitches

Well my stint in the "Knitting Lounge" at the Bluewater Creative Stitches show was great fun.  I got to meet some very interesting people, see some very interesting exhibits and convert some non-crocheters to wannabe-crocheters!

There were lots of things to see but my favourite, and Lillia's, was All 2 Knit's "Above and Below the Waves" exhibit - a cave full of wonderous knitted sea creatures, surrounded by knitted cliffs, pirates, coves, beaches and treasure...

Yarn coral reef Yarn jellyfish

Yarn sea monster Yarn mermaid

Yarn sandcastle Yarn rocks

The photos were taken on my iPhone so but I think still give a good idea of how fabulous this was!

Yarn cliffs with seagulls Yarn Punch 'n' Judy on the beach

Yarn sandcastle

My legs and feet were killing after five hours of preaching crochet but it was worth it :)  I managed to teach a couple of people about the basics of crochet, I may have scared a few people too, and one textiles student was delighted to discover you could make a lace-like creation using crochet thread and a very small hook.  My sister even dropped by and learnt how to knit at the "knitting tree"...

My sister learning to knit

Knitting trees in the "Knitting Lounge"

Erika Knight was running the stall as well as selling some of her yarn and exhibiting in the fashion show. 


I hadn't heard of Erika before (though goodness knows how, she has over 300 designs on Ravelry!) but absolutely loved her yarn (which led to me accidentally spending my money...) and also her pattern that I was working on throughout the afternoon.  When I got home I decided to raid my bag of leftover yarn and work up a long scarf using her "Edgy Scarf" pattern...

Edgy Crochet Scarf WIP

I used mainly yarn leftover from my Colour Bar Blanket as I love the earthy colours and tones.

Edgy Crochet Scarf WIP

I added in a little pink for a spring feel too.

Edgy Crochet Scarf WIP

The pattern is fun to do, those popcorn stitches are extremely satisfying to make and are so tactile.  I am planning on making it extra long so I can wrap it around and around!

All in all a lovely weekend!  This week so far is proving to be a difficult one - nothing serious, just sickly children and lots of doctor and dentist appointments to deal with.  Roll on next weekend!!


PS - another tutorial is in the making from me this week...!  What could it be....

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  1. Beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing. Hope your little ones are on the mend very soon. Ele xx


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