Saturday, 18 February 2012

Half Term

It has been half-term this week so we've been enjoying some time together and some time off from the usual routines.  Early morning rushes and daily spelling practice have been replaced with leisurely colouring sessions, playing games and watching DVDs (favourites at the moment are Robin Hood and Tangled).

Lots of colouring

Lots of colouring

I did have to work on Monday and Tuesday, and I have had to check in most days to make sure everything is ok as it's just so busy at the moment.  I find it hard to be everything at the same time - employee, mother, housekeeper, all-round entertainer and provider of boredom-busting activities.  It's kind of exhausting.

Lots of colouring

But I am happy to be with my two girls every day, and I love being at home and being able to potter about tidying drawers here and there, playing Guess Who, arranging books on shelves, grabbing a bit of time to crochet here and there.


Lillia is very much into zoobles at the moment so we've played quite a few games with those.

Half-term zooble fun :)

And Phoebe is into breaking and entering - getting into the cupboards she shouldn't, removing felt-tips she shouldn't, grabbing TV remotes, opening drawers.  So meal times, when she is safely contained in her booster seat, provide five minutes of welcome (if messy) peace!

Snack time!

Lillia is more into "arts and crafts" as she calls it.  So we have been recreating the "puzzle pizza" she saw on Art Attack...

Making the Art Attack Clay Pizza puzzle

Lots of games, lots of time together, lots of mess.  But happy days.

Playing marbles

Back to school on Monday and peace will reign again, at least between 9 and 3 :)

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  1. It all sounds very familiar (although it also sounds like you are so much better than me at participating in all the play). I normally don't pay any mind to the messes, but they're constantly an issue now that we're trying to sell our house. I'll be so relieved when we can just make messes again!


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