Monday, 22 December 2008

Day Two: Sleepless night

The very fact that creativity took place in the snipsnaphappy household at all today was nothing short of miraculous. My two-year-old was awake on the hour every hour all night last night with a terrible cough and sore throat and a temperature (my girl is usually the champion of sleepers, so this was a huge shock to the system). At 5.30am, after nearly an hour of constant screaming without being able to calm her down, I took her downstairs where we made a bed on the sofa by the light of the Christmas tree and I sat by her until she finally calmed down and fell asleep around 6am. Hubby took over the vigil an hour later at 7am whilst I whizzed off on my planned expedition to the supermarket to get Christmas veggies.

So by 7.30am on a Monday morning I had already been up for three hours, dealt with snot, tears and screaming, sung two Paul Simon songs and one eddie Reader ballad, drunk one extra strength lemsip, driven through crazy traffic and joined the throng of frantic last-minute shoppers already up and awake and fighting over the brussels sprouts.

Motherhood, eh?

At 8.30am the doctor's surgery opened for the drop-in session and I took my little patient along We joined everybody else in the whole of Kent in the waiting room and settled in for the duration. We waited two hours, then saw the doctor for all of thirty seconds. The verdict from the doc is... she has a sore throat. Yup. Could have told you that at 4am matey. But at least she has a lovely strawberry pink bottle of medicine, and has been a lot livelier since taking the first dose. Phew.

With hubby working at home he was able to keep an eye on the munchkin for an hour whilst I cleaned up and finished off my flower trivet. I also cleaned up Lil's first mosaic ready for the glitter treatment. Then Lil felt well enough to make a bit of a mess with glue so she started on her second ever mosaic (she's going to be such a pro!!) and as I special treat for being such a good girl at the doctor's and for being generally lovely, she got to use mummy's newly purchased millefiori.

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