Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Day Sixty-Five: Blippity blip

I knew this would happen at some point. A blip. But I have remained determined from the beginning that any pause in service would not scare me away from this year-long experiment. I always knew life would get in the way every now and then.

You see, my working life (yawn) has suddenly got very busy. I like to be busy so that is good. But the work is tremendously dull, so that is bad. I am good under pressure and accomplishing things and impressing people with my efficiency and organisedliness makes me happy. But I am sad to be things I do not find utterly absorbing. If only one day my organisation would decide they needed a full-time person to mosaic kitchens, make cushions, flounce about all day on Flickr and make creative things out of paperclips I would be sorted for life.

But a busy-busy day at work, followed by a busy-busy early evening of being a mummy, then a busy-busy rest of the evening preparing for the next busy-busy day (I think you get my point here) can really sap your energy and your time. Before I know it it's 10pm and I am just finishing my dinner and trying to stay awake to watch Grand Designs. I couldn't start mosaicing then even if I had the energy to. Then there's the half-sewn dammit dolls, the projectless fabric hidden in boxes, the endless balls of wools waiting to be turned into hats (that's the extent of my knitting ability), my fimo box and my mehndi tin haven't seen the light of day much in yonks. Don't get me started on the pots and pots of beads.

But (and this is a good But) the creativity is still there. Whereas before I would have just added all these things to my long list of things I don't have time to do (along with culling my socks and tidying under the bed) I now just plot and plan, make notes and sketches and still consider myself creative in mind even if I physically can't be doing it. I wouldn't have thought that way before I started this blog. So that's pretty cool.

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