Friday, 19 June 2009

Day 181: Fabric stashing

I read it about in other blogs and I have seen evidence of it in other quarters, but I never thought it would eventually happen to me.

There comes a point in a girl's life, whilst looking at the three shopping-totes crammed full of fabric in the corner and wondering where on earth to store your latest fabricy finds, when you just have to admit to yourself that you might have a small addiction problem.

Further evidence was found this afternoon in Ikea. Hubby and I took a quick trip over there to find a frame for a beautiful watercolour I bought from an artist whilst on holiday last week. En route to the frames section we had to walk straight through the fabric displays. It was here I saw the magical words "Fabric Sale - £1 per metre". Well at £1 per metre it could have been sludge coloured nylon and I still would have considered it, luckily though it wasn't sludge coloured nylon. Are you ready? My £1 bargain Ikea fabric, in glorious technicolour...

I was stupidly excited but I only bought a metre of each as I am far too cautious for my own good.

Just to feel a little more adventurous with myself I bought a couple of other fabrics too that weren't even in the sale. Just call me a wild child...

All in all I spend £4.70 for over four metres of fabric. Bargains make me a very happy person.

So while we're on a fabric high I may as well tell you about the lovely bits I got whilst in France. In Uzes there is the most gorgeous little haberdashery shop in the square. It's full of lace and ribbon, buttons and fabrics, hand-made bags, embroidered hearts stuffed with lavender, cushions, trinkets and general lovliness. Mostly all way out of my price range of course but that didn't stop me bringing home a few little bits.

I bought a small amount of this gorgeous ribbon...

And I bought fat quarters (ish) of these two fabrics...

I will only use them when I have made a few more items and gained some experience so I can be sure I will put them to good use. I would hate to waste them.
So there we have it. My name is Ali and I have a fabric addiction. Ah, it feels better getting that off my chest.


  1. What beautiful fabrics and you can't beat the prices :) I LOVE that ribbon from France - it is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! I know - it's too gorgeous for me to ruin! I just like to gaze lovingly at it..!


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