Sunday, 21 June 2009

Day 182: Chocolate Brownies

We all have nits. Head lice. Or as we call them in our house - hair bugs.

Determined little blighters they are too. My husband has the nearest thing a white man can get to afro hair, I have annoying thick wavy frizzy hair, and the little munchkin has a mass of thick gorgeous waves. The hair-bugs like our hair and they want to stay. They have survived two attacks with Lyclear and three invasions of Nice'n'Clear, not to mention endless combing with various specialist nit combs which claim to remove all trace of the bugs and their eggs. But still they persist!

My little girl has been patient up until now but she is, after all, only three-years-old and there's only so much one can take. After a 30 minute screamathon while I washed and towel-dried her hair and applied yet more Nice'n'Clear I finally decided to take action: I plonked her down in front of a Winnie the Pooh DVD and got to work with some scissors. I took off a good two inches of tangled curls and then managed to comb through her hair with considerable ease (not a whimper was heard.) I was so pleased with the outcome that I tried to persuade hubby to cut my hair for me too, but he was not to be convinced.

The result? well, I'd hate to speak too early and say that the hair bugs have been evicted, but there seems to be less scratching going on. And the added bonus is that she looks as cute as a button (and I love buttons) and so grown up..

We treated ourselves to some brownie making this afternoon to make up for the hair washing/drying/treating/cutting/combing ordeal. I would show you a picture of the finished result but I wasn't quick enough with my camera (apparently all food unattended for more than five minutes is fair game on Father's Day) so this is a picture of Lillia getting stuck in to making the brownies instead.

Unfortunately yet another day has passed without any time whatsoever for crafty activities (not counting baking of course) but I will get there eventually. If only my house was self-cleaning...

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