Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day 187: A little dress

Funny, the busier my day job gets, the more stressful commuting is, the scarier the recession gets, the less money there is, the more inclined I am to complete my craft projects. I think because I can at least control and complete these things. Plus, fiddling with pins and wrestling knotted thread out of my ancient sewing machine keeps my mind occupied and away from pondering life’s great injustices (though I guess knotted thread in one’s sewing machine is one of life’s great injustices).

I bought a pattern a month or so ago from the home of all things utterly addictive – Etsy. I bought it from here. A pattern for a cute little girl’s dress. I chose to use a plain pink cotton and a cotton fabric from Hobbycraft with a Japanese flowers pattern. I have a lot to learn about seam allowances, cutting, hemming and generally sewing in a straight line, but I am nevertheless pleased with the result..

The front:

The back:

Hmmm...bit too close up to my wonky stitching that second photo!

I will get to further hone my skills too, as this dress is exactly one size too small for my fast-growing Lillia. So it’s back to the Elna (or Edna as I have taken to calling my ancient sewing machine) with more pink fabric (it has to be pink or there will be hell to pay) to make another in the next size up. But first I might make a bag or two!

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