Sunday, 16 August 2009

Day 239: The end of a long weekend

The last two days have been spent up in Norfolk visiting hubby's family to celebrate his dad's 60th birthday. It all got a little emotional late in the evening (extremely long story) for some members of the family but all was, mostly, resolved by bed time and most of us had a lovely time.

Then this morning as we nursed headaches and drank tea our little girl tripped and whacked her head on the edge of a concrete step in Grandad's garden. We watched a massive dent turn into an even bigger bump and we whisked her straight off to A&E where she spent two hours happily playing in the children's area before being told she was absolutely fine. Phew.

After a two hour drive back to Kent we settled under a duvet, just the three of us, with ginger beer, milk for Lillia and Ice Age 2 on DVD. The patient is now tucked up in bed and I am ready for a good few weeks of normality.

Somehow we did manage this weekend to finally jazz up an old ottoman, given to us by my mother, who had received it as a wedding gift over 40 years ago from my grandparents. It had been re-covered a few times and had seen better days but I think we managed to revive it with our limited upholstery skills and plenty of staples!



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