Friday, 28 August 2009

Preschool fun

With hubby being at home over the past few months my days with Lillia have had an extra guest. This has been lovely for all of us as every weekend has been like a bank holiday with the three of us enjoying days out, picnics and lots of time together.

Hubby is now back at work so on my days off it's just me and the little one, just the two of us. I hadn't realised how much I had missed it. The challenges and rewards of looking after a pre-schooler, safe in the knowledge of course that come 6 o'clock the cavalry will arrive home from work, are truly great.

We started off yesterday with some potato painting. I LOVE cutting potatoes into shapes, though goodness knows I hate peeling and chopping them for dinner, weird.
It quickly descended into hand painting though...

And the best thing about potato printing? Aside from the mess and the masterpieces of course - the off-cuts...

No waste! Just chips...


And the wonderful concentration of a three-year-old at work...

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  1. Today I just, on a whim, borrowed a book on potato printing from the library. I think my daughter will love it!


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