Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Just Random Inspiration on a Tuesday

The sewing machine shop is inundated with the machines from local schools. It's the school holidays so apprently a very busy time for sewing machine fixers and doer uppers. So my old Elna will have to take a ticket and wait a while.

In the mean time I am enjoying doing a little hand sewing in the evenings whilst slurping on mugs of hot cocoa. My hand sewing is slow to say the least so I have no new creations to share today. Bad blogger, bad!

Instead I am going to post some inspirational and just generally blissful pictures instead. I always have a camera with me, just in case. So maybe Tuesdays could be Inspiration Tuesdays...or Random Photo Tuesdays...or, you know, just Tuesdays...

A mosaic path at the Watermill Theatre in Berkshire...

I have spread my dreams under your feet...

Storm brewing near Snelsmore Common, Berkshire. Whilst doing a spot of geocaching...

Marshmallow and chocolate cookies made by my sister-in-law...

Hiding under stone tables...



  1. What a neat pathway. I like the idea of the artist leaving a message for everyone who passes there.

  2. love the mosaic pathway, the storm and especially the yummy looking cookies! thanks for the bit of inspiration today :-)

    glad to hear about your husband's job too. although i'm sure there's a lot of juggling to be done with schedules, i'll bet it's a huge relief!

  3. June - those stepping stones were lovely, wish they were in my own garden! I would've tried to smuggle them out under my jumper but I reckon someone would have suspected! ;)

    Donna - SUCH a relief! We are so happy and the job seems to be going well so far :)

  4. Hi there, I'm Lisa from Parallel Botany - I'm hosting the fabric swap.

    I just need you to email me your mailing info. I tried emailing the address on your Blogger profile, but it bounced back to me. Sorry to clog up your comments with this...

    you can send your name & mailing details to info [[at]] parallelbotany.com. thanks!


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