Monday, 28 September 2009


When I am bored or nervous I tend to doodle. So with two four hour plane journies within a week I made sure I was prepared with my sketch pad and some decent doodling pens.

Sometimes I copy designs from a book, like the above mehndi design. But mostly I just mess about and get covered in ink and end up looking scruffy.

Lillia and I are busy today making salt dough and practising our ballet (she looks beautiful and graceful, I look like a drunkard at a wedding) so I thought I'd do a quick and easy upload of the doodles I churned out on my flights to and from Cyrpus last week. Can you tell I am a nervous flyer?

I like this one, especially the leaves..

Not so keen on this one but it's hubby's favourite as he thinks the little aliens are funny...
This one got me through take-off on both flights...

This is my favourite...



  1. oooh i love the trees most, have you considered colouring it in with watercolour? you could sell it on etsy!
    really nice!

  2. Thank you so much! I haven't touched watercolours since school, that would be an interesting thing to learn. My grandfather was an artist who used watercolour and oils in his paintings. Maybe I'll have a genetic ability..!? :)


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