Saturday, 5 September 2009

Discovering felt

I've been incredibly busy with a million things this week so I have neglected my blog. Bad blogger, bad.

However it has been worth it as I have been having lots of fun with felt! My daughter had picked a pack of felt as her treat when we were out shopping and it reminded me of a post I had seen on the June at Noon blog. June had made cute little felt envelopes with felt letters and cards to go inside, and interchangeable addresses and labels. June kindly agreed to let me copy her idea and I spent a happy evening stitching away on the sofa...

I made everything as childlike as possible,though I can't say I originally intended for the addresses to look like child's writing - this was because I couldn't face leaving the comfort of the sofa to get a pen to write the names properly before stitching! But I like how they came out.

I made little postcards by stitching two pieces of felt together and popping some cardboard inside to make them stiff, this makes it easier for Lillia to push them into the envelopes...

I am hoping this will help her learn her alphabet and I am going to make more. She has already learnt L and D through playing with these, the letters represent who the mail is from, and we talk about the sounds they make - D is for Daddy and so on.

She has really loved these and she now wants me to make a post-bag to carry them in! Daddy has promised to make her a post box today which I am sure will involve a lot of glue and red paint. Thankfully I will be out most of the weekend for a hen night so I won't see the carnage.

Speaking of the hen night! I am bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding (in Cyprus!) later this month and today is the start of the hen weekend. We will be having wine tasting, massages, manicures and general silliness at her house all afternoon and evening.

Having discovered the joy of felt I made some gift bags for all the hens and the bride-to-be. The colour theme is pink and black...

Inside the bride's is some pink fizz, sweets, a "luxurious" (ahem) eye mask, an antique perfume bottle (spitalfields market!), a bath bomb from Lush and a few other bits. And yes that is a lobster you can see...because, of course, she has found her lobster...

Inside the hens' bags are face masks, sweets, mini fairy wands, bath bombs, stickers and bookmarks in the pink and black colour theme. I wrapped the bath bomb in tissue paper and held it all together with cute little bird stickers. I really like the love-birds one for the bride's bath bomb...

Well I am off to paint my toe nails pink and black! Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. I love your version of the felt mail. Really well done, and it looks like such fun. And the gift bags--what a great idea! Have a good time!

  2. Thank you June - for the comment and for the idea! :)


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