Monday, 23 November 2009

Day 338: Princess pink

Lillia wanted some arm-warmers and she wanted them pink!

Pink is her number one favourite colour.  I don't know where it came from, just one morning she woke up and BHAM! it was all about the pink! 

I've always been a yellow kind of a girl myself, but I have to admit that the pink thing can become quite infectious.  Which is just as well as there have been a number of pink items requested recently, more than I have had time (and light) to photograph.

Despite some uncharacteristic good light in the cottage today it was actually rather difficult to photograph a busy three-year-old wearing arm-warmers!  The photos were either a bit blurry...

A bit wonky...

Or a bit silly...

In the end I managed to get a clear picture of course, though I admit bribery of the chocolate based variety was involved...

I crocheted them using a kind of rib stitch - I chained 27 (which was a lucky estimate), then did dc's into just one half (the one towards the back of the work) of each "v".  That is a truly terrible description I know!  It is very easy to do though.  It does make the edges a bit of a pain to put edging on, but that could be because I was kind f making it up as I went along!

The main thing is my little Lillia is happy and her arms are warm,!


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