Friday, 27 November 2009

Day 342: Pressies!


What's this?

Ooh ooh...!

This Sunday is our six-year wedding anniversary.  We agreed to spend no more than £20 on each other and yesterday hubby, too excited to wait, presented me with my gift!  Very excited I was too! 

Do you want to see?

Well ok then...

My very own Cath Kidston oil cloth zip-up tote bag!  Small but most perfectly formed and ideal for carting around my sewing and WIPs.  Though I love its practicality so much I want another one straight away to use to carry my lunch and bits to and from work. 

I've never actually been a huge Cath Kidston fan.  I see her fabrics and think they are lovely of course, I even bought some once.  But the CK designs always seemed too commercial for me, too obvious.  It's like ug boots (bear with me on this analagy..)  I never bought ug boots because I did not want to follow the crowd and be a sheep  As a result I have tramped around parks and playgrounds with cold feet for the last four years unaware until recently that my toes could have been as toasty as...well..toast.  When I finally caved and bought some it was like a revalation, I spent the entire day on Whitstable beach feeling like I was wearing heated slippers.  I will never look back!

It's the same with Ms Kidston.  I have resisted too long and now I am converted.  I am so pleased with my lovely new bag!  I read the accompanying catalogue cover to cover dribbling over all the gorgeous goodies.  I have been so please that hubby has promised to drive me down to Tunbridge Wells for a browse around the CK store in time for my birthday. Look, even the packaging is gorgeous...

This will definitely be recylced as wrapping paper this Christmas, ever frugal!

Right now I am off to pack some crafty goodness to take with me when we visit my Dad this weekend...




  1. Hi Ali ooooooh I love your CK bag. I too have never been much of a fan but on a recent trip to Harrogate I managed to buy a few bits and pieces despite that!! Haven't blogged about them yet...... but I will!

    Fi x

  2. Fi - Yes, CK is strangely alluring! Look forward to reading about your purchases! x


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