Friday, 20 November 2009

Day 335 - some more Black Apple Dolls!

Well that was a bit of an unplanned sabbatical!  Life has a habit of catching up with you sometimes and it’s a busy existence being a working mummy, sometimes blogging falls by the wayside. All will be revealed soon enough!

That said, the crafting hasn’t stopped, and here we find ourselves on day 335 of my year long journey. What have I been up to? Ooh let me see…so much!  Too much to post all in one go but most recently these little ladies emerged from crafty corner of the cottage...

Two black apple dolls made for friends at work.  These photos were actually taken in the office as I seem to be at home only when it is dark and gloomy at the moment.

The faces and arms are made from hemp, which can be a bit of a bugger to work with if I am honest.  But it is the perfect colour and texture.

I used some of the lace from my swap with parallel botany to put a cute trim on the socks of the blue doll...

I get into the office early so I left them on desks to surprise their new owners when they arrived...

I am happy to report that they are now in their new homes with their very pleased owners.  The blue doll, for K, was named Amelia.  The black flowery doll, for Sarah, was named Rose.

Amelia and Rose...

I absolutely love making these dolls, LOVE it.  I have been working on my own doll patterns too.  It's so much fun to see each one take on its own personality.

Yes it's been busy but exciting times lay ahead!


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