Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pink ripple blanket

I was going to post about some works in progress today, and even some other finished items (for once!) but instead I have something exciting to report...

I have finished Lillia's birthday ripple blanket!  Woo hoo!

I finally hooked my last stitch last night and I am so very pleased with it.  It is just the size for snuggling underneath, yet not too big to drag about the house from bed to sofa and back again when needed.

It is soft and ripply and snuggly and pink, all the things a four-year-old pink fanatic who loves her sleep requires. 

Then I spotted the My Place and Yours game over at Hello Owl (via Swirly Arts) and noticed that the theme was Pink, which seemed very fitting, so I continued to snap around the house...

With a four-year-girl in residence we do have an abundance of pink around the house, though this seems to be more from nature than nurture as we have never actively gone for pink things or encouraged a love of any one particular colour.  It seems she just woke up one day and decided that pink was the colour for her.

My favourite colour is yellow but I have to say the pink thing is pretty contagious.  Every so often I realise that pink is seeping into the things I am drawn to.  From little cards...

...to pastry cutters hanging in the kitchen...

Pink is taking over!

My poor husband.  Good job he is in touch with his feminine side ;)


  1. The blanket looks lovely, your daughter will love snuggling under it.
    Blue is the colour in our house that has taken over, that and lego!! One of the joys of having boys I guess!!

  2. Good job too!

    Love the birthday blanket - it's all pink and ripple'ish' - perfect for a little girl.

    Nina x

  3. You have such brilliant pink stuff!

  4. Oh, it looks wonderful! We have a load of pink in our house, too.

  5. isn't it funny how much you don't notice about your life until one of these themes comes up? love your examples .. and the blanket looks wonderful. i bet it's a total hit.

  6. That blanket is wonderful, congrats! You have some interesting pink things in your home.

  7. Nice job on the blanket. Love those colors together.

  8. Just found your blog, it's lovely.
    Em x


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