Monday, 25 October 2010

Colour Bay Blanket - scenes of great progress!

Progress on my Colour Bay blanket has been much speedier than I expected!  These granny squares aren't so bad - three simple rounds in a nice variety of colours of easy-to-use double-knit yarn.  I've been racing through.

What with finishing up the day job and all that palava though I haven't had a change to get any photos until now...

There are ten colours in the blanket and I've done 9 squares of each so far.  Now I need to to decide the layout of my colours and work up more squares in each of the more dominant colours I choose.

I had a little helper on my photoshoot who didn't like things looking quite so neat and tidy...

She had a lot of fun messing them up!  Who would have thought granny squares could be so entertaining?

I'm loving the mix of colours.

It's half term this week so I'm not sure how much time I will have for sitting down and crocheting but I shall be trying to squeeze it in as much as possible.  With the weather turning much colder recently I am looking forward to snuggling up warm under my new blanket very soon :)


  1. ♥♥♥

    you always pick the best colors!

    I am dying to learn crochet

  2. I like seeing the squares all stacked up together. I do enjoy grannies and how quickly and mindlessly they come together. My only complaint is tucking in all those ends!

  3. I have lots of grannies all waiting to be sewn's the bit I hate! Hope you are having a lovely half-term.Look foward to seeing your finished blanket. :o)


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