Thursday, 14 October 2010

New shelves

In a mad rush to get the house ready for the new arrival Hubby and I have been finally getting around to all those niggly DIY jobs that have been waiting to happen since we moved in three years ago.  Well I say Hubby and I...I take on more of a directorial role you understand :)

We finally have shelves installed in one of our alcoves.  Don't you just love choosing what to put on new shelves?

Not just me is it?  Who likes sorting books in order of height, possibly even colour...choosing the right placement for things..standing back to look...rearranging again...

Now it's time to start on sorting those drawers out...think the nesting is kicking in!


  1. Nesting is so funny ... and often quite useful, ha! :)

  2. I love new shelves and sorting books. Looking forward to all that in our new place. I loved nesting too - a great reason to get round to those long awaited jobs that the husband dare not complain about!

  3. Oh I LOVE having a new shelf or cupboard to arrange things on..I can spend all day just 'fiddling'! :o)

  4. I'm with you on that one... it really is exciting having empty shelves to fill with lovely things! I have hundreds of books and one of these days (when I need to really procrastinate) I'm planning on colour coordinating the book shelves :)


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