Saturday, 23 October 2010

Presents from across the pond

I mentioned before how I love buying handmade, so when it comes to preparing ahead for Christmas I'm always going to go for something that little bit unique.

When I saw Gretchen of June at Noon's gorgeous and clever Eye Spy bags I knew my own little girl would love one, and I would love the five minutes of peace it would bring!  So I ordered one to put away for Christmas and this morning it arrived...

Having spent the last few days keeping a close eye on the postie I was almost unprepared for an exciting delivery on a lazy Saturday morning.  But not as unprepared as my hubby who was standing right by the door with his back to it when the postman knocked loudly and nearly sent him through the roof with fright! 

It arrived beautifully packaged, as Gretchen's things always do, and the quality of it is perfect...

If you've spotted that perhaps it looks like there may be more one bag you'd be right, but I can't show the other one as it is a gift for a little girl whose mummy stops by this blog sometimes :)

And the best thing about buying handmade is the purely selfish pleasure of the little extras...

See that stone?  Hang on here it is bigger for you...

It is utterly lovely! It's the one Gretchen mentions here and it somehow she has managed to send me the one that matches my living room colour scheme perfectly!  

So thank-you Gretchen for being very clever indeed, and thank-you for the gorgeous little gifts that cheered up a heavily pregnant, hormonal, fat and uncomfortable lady very much!


  1. Oh Lovely! how are you doing? and how much longer have you got? ive got about a week (fingers crossed) although im really achy with a period type pain my midwife said oh it could be the start of things! im hoping the baby will wait until my inlaws get here so they can look after joshy for us! hows your crochet challenge coming along, ive not done any for ages! hope your feeling ok and not too fed up waiting (like me!) take care Ali, fliss xxxx

  2. So glad the package arrived safely and to your satisfaction! Will reply to your e-mail about the stones soon. :)


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