Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Heart Swap

I don't often sign up for swaps because I don't need the added pressure :) But when I saw the heart swap over at Beki's blog I thought it seemed a lovely simple swap to join in with; five heart themed things to be sent to your partner by the end of March. No problem, I thought, plenty of time.  I still managed to send my parcel off at the very last possible moment though :)

I sent off a modest little parcel containing heart themed bits and pieces and a couple of bits I made. 

As well as one of my radiator smellies, I popped in this hanging heart decoration...

I love this pattern - the hearts come out really sweet.  If you want to try it out the pattern is on Ravelry and I linked to it in this previous post.

But never mind what I sent! You want to know what I got, right?  Well, my partner was Sue at http://blog.suepops.co.uk/ and she sent me a gorgeous package of lovely things...

Ooh!  Look at my goodies!  Shall we have a closer look?

A handmade card, extremely sparkly...

Phoebe loved this and stared at it for ages whilst drooling and trying to grab it (presumably to eat it...)

I also received this kitsch little hanging heart...

I have added it to my growing collection.  Do you think I have enough...? ;)

I love love love this handpainted candle holder (and the little heart candle)...

And just look at this...

LOVE this brooch, it is utterly gorgeous!

Unfortunately the calculator, being pink, has been stolen by 5-year-old Lillia already, I had barely removed the wrapping before it was whisked off to perform complex additions. The bath ballistic from my No.1 Favourite Shop has been fizzed and enjoyed already, and the chocolates?  Well...er..ah...ahem... :)

Absolutely lovely gifts, I am so glad I decided to take part in the swap, lucky me!  Thanks Sue!  xx


  1. Hi Ali,
    So glad you decided to join in this swap, I really enjoyed our swap, I do so love hearts, and I particularly love the crochet hearts you made for me,
    Sue Xx

  2. Awww. Wish I caught that swap. I seem to be collecting heart at the moment as well. My favourite are my little silver jingly bells (Christmas decorations that I can't seem to take down!)


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