Friday, 22 January 2010

Doll crazy

Not even my bright and cheery dish brush could disguise the dull and drizzly weather here today.  My third day stuck at home with bone crunching arthritis.  Best thing to do though is keep moving as much as possible, soooooo....

Meet Ivana...

And Gertruda...

And also Borisova...

And, er, Julia...

And, lastly, Biata...

They are joining Roza and Sashka and I am not quite sure what to do with them all!  I have just really got a kick out of making them and seeing them all take on slightly different personalities, very addictive. 

Roza is going to Lillia as she fell in love with her.  Biata is going to make her way to a friend of mine working away from home and in need of a friend to keep her company.  As for the others?  I think one will be destined for a Toy Society drop, and of course I am sure more then a couple will be donated to Craft Hope, when donations are accepted again in two weeks time.  Every little counts after all.

I do love my new friends!  But right now the felt, the thread and the sewing machine are being packed away as in about twenty minutes we have family arriving for the weekend: four adults, one teenager, a pre-schooler and, of course, 7 new friends in our tiny two bed cottage for two nights and two days!  Eeek!

Have a good weekend all :)



  1. Ali they are adorable and so colourful and a perfect gift for any little girl - or boy?

    Have a wonderful weekend with family,

    take care, have fun,

    Nina xx

  2. Hi Ali,
    Thanks so much for the comment, I love finding new blogs :)
    Your russian dolls are lovely, and fab names too!

  3. Hello Ali your dolls are beautiful, they will be very gratefully received in their new homes I'm sure. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.
    Bertie x

  4. Hope you start to feel better soon.
    The dolls are lovely. I love their faces and how they are all slightly different.
    Hope you have a good weekend. I must say I think your brave having so many family to stay!

  5. Hello!
    I do feel for you with the arthritis, I too am only 30 and suffer from it, just lately with all the damp weather it has been terrible. Im just glad to hear im not alone suffering so 'young', doesnt it make you feel like a wittering old lady!
    PS> I adore the in love those little dolls!

  6. I LOVE them! Save one for June 10th ;-) xxxx

  7. Those are absolutely ADORABLE! They look very nicely made, and you're right - each has her own little personality! :)

  8. here is paradise of matryoshka :))

  9. Oh my, they are adorable! I saw Borisova on The Toy Society. Now I want to make one!

  10. These are completely delightful! Love them and love the names!


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