Saturday, 16 July 2011

Holiday pressies

When we were little our summer holidays involved either an eight-hour train journey to Scotland to visit our grandparents, or we travelled the two-day car-trip down into France to go camping.  To keep us entertained...and more importantly mum used to give us a little bag of things to keep us occupied.  It was because of this that I got into modelling with Fimo clay actually which I still love to do now and it even makes me some money :)

Well we are off on holiday in three weeks (our first holiday in two years, not that I am ridculously excited or anything) so I have collected together a few items for Lillia to keep her entertained on the journey and whilst we are there (we are holidaying in the UK so lets face it it will rain).  So of course I HAD to make a bag for all the goodies to go into...

Shoulder Bag

The fabric was given to me and has been awaiting the right project until now.  I was going to make my usual double handled carry bag, but then I thought a shoulder bag with a velcro closing flap would be quite cool so...voila!

Shoulder Bag

And inside there are goodies waiting to be played with, plus some edible goodies too...

Shoulder bag for holiday goodies

Holiday goodies!

Holiday To-Do's for Lillia :)

I am very much looking forward to using the pom-pom may just cure my fear of pom-poms :)

I'll give this to Lillia on the morning we go on holiday, she will be very excited, I can't wait :)
And while we're talking about goodies I have a little goody of my own...
My first issue of Mollie Makes

I have been hearing so much about the new UK craft mag Mollie Makes that I signed up for the 3 issues for a fiver offer to see what it's like. I haven't read it yet (I'm saving it, you know how it is) but I shall let you know what it's like. It came with a little free craft project so I am already impressed...
Ooh, things to make!

Just one more week of school then the fun can begin!


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  1. Oh she will be thrilled with her holiday bag, it will keep her most entertained.


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