Monday, 4 July 2011

Hunting out a bargain

I don't very often write here about my love of bargain shoppng and my inability to let anything (Anything) go to waste, but I think perhaps people might be interested in these times of financial hardships and all that.

I don't have a coffee table in my house (no room for that!), but I do have a footstool and, of course, arm-rests on the chair and sofa, and there's always the floor.  This is all well and good but it is rather tricky to balance one's cup of tea or glass of wine on something that is quite squidgey (footstool and arm-rests) or rather uneven (110-year-old wooden floor).  The solution came to me in a local charity shop...
Charity Shop find

For the rather lofty charity shop price of £4 I now have a rather ladylike platform for my beverages!
Charity Shop find

And one never spills one's wine these days, that would never do :)


  1. So lovely! I've been hitting the charity shops hard recently as well. My little girl had her birthday Tea Party and had a great time dressing up as a "Lady" with her friends in lots of straw hats, bags and adult skirts and blouses- all for a quid or less each!

  2. I do love a good bargain! Have you ever tried Honeydale Farm Boot fair and the one at the top of Birchwood Road? Both about 5 mins drive from Bexley and a great bargain haven...(the latter is humungous!) :D


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