Friday, 8 July 2011

Summer mornings

We spent the weekend just gone in Norfolk with Mr Snipsnaphappy's mum and family.  The weather was sunny and hot and there were lots of open spaces to run about in or, in my case, sit and drink tea in.  Lillia was happy to sit ocassionally but not often :)
Sittin' in the morning sun :)

I am addicted to photographing flowers, it's so hard to resist!


Speaking of addictions...Talking Tom Cat 2 is out! She just loves that trumping dog...

Playing with iPod

I am not a summer person as you know, but sometimes I can really appreciate the benefits of sunshine and summer.
Lily pads

Garden ornament

Is it just me or does a hot, still, sunny day make everything sound different in the same way that snow does?


Lovely sunny days :) 

(But I am really enjoying the rain the last couple of days!)

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  1. Ah, pink Crocs and Talking Tom---a very familiar scene for me!


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