Friday, 30 September 2011

Loving today...

Today was an illness-free day.  These days are to be cherished.  If you are not sick, if you go through most days in a healthy state, please please make sure you take just 1 second to stop and appreciate it. Your health is the biggest Happy Thing you have.

Other things making me feeling happy today are...

The last of the garden's tomatoes waiting to ripen...

Tomatoes ready to ripen

The latest issue of Mollie Makes...I just love this magazine...

The latest Mollie Makes - can't wait to get stuck in!

Mollie Makes issue 6!

Uncovering long-forgotten colourful granny squares and motifs....

Uncovering forgotten creations :)

A supply of little jars waiting in the sun for a makeover...
Jars waiting for crochet covers :)

Ah, lovely things and a good day:)

One thing I am not particularly enjoying though, and I don't wish to sound rather ungrateful...but this weather.  Where's my autumnal freshness?!

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  1. The tomatoes look like they are ripening well. I made the chocolate brownies- uuummmmmm delicious. Although I am really not meant to eat chocolate as it gives me migrane, suppose Mr D and My Boy will eat them.

  2. Love your lovings!! Mollie Makes is so awesome - and so true what you said about being thankful for good health. May we never take it for granted!

  3. Glad you found so many lovely things in your day!


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