Monday, 12 December 2011

Lillia's School Hat

Oh my good grief I am SO ill.  As soon as one virus goes the next one starts...I have had a bug, I have had a rotten cold, I have had pharyngitis and now I seem to have flu. Jeeeeez.  I have had ENOUGH. This latest episode started on Thursday night with me and both the girls being sick ALL night.  It was so bad that by 2am we ran out of bedding for Lillia and she slept in our bed with hubby whilst I took the sofa so I wouldn't wake either of them when I had to keep getting up to be sick. It was a truly horrendous night.


I have an ever growing list of things I a desperate to share here; my Cath K anniversary pressies from hubby, "the gregoires", which can only be explained by showing you, my first Ravelry CAL (Crochet A Long), my latest Happy Hooker project, aaaaaaand the very slow progress of the Big Happy Blanket.  But of course I have been too damn sick to take the necessary pictures.

I did however manage to snap a few pics of the hat I crocheted for Lillia!  I grabbed the camera and got a couple of photos as she left for school one morning last week.  She needs to wear a dark hat for school so I made her a black one using this pattern on ravelry...

I added a pink trim as she has to have a touch of pink of everything!  (Just look at my girl's enormous dark brown eyes...!)

I really loved this pattern and I am working on one for Phoebe least I would be if I wasn't feeling so blergh.

Right, writing this has pooped me right out so I am off to lie on the sofa and ignore the growing piles of laundry and housework...

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  1. Oh, poor you! I hope you manage to fight all these germs off soon! Does it have anything to do with the hospital treatments or medications leaving your immune system more vulnerable, or is it just very back luck? :)

    Lillia is such a cutie. I can see how much she looks like you in those photos.


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