Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Making time to make it - Elbee the Crochet Bear

One of the other mums on the school run lent me her copy of "Woman's Weekly Best of Knitted Toys" magazine so I could peruse the crochet patterns.  I do love swapping recipes and patterns...I'd make such a good WI member wouldn't I?  Jam and Jerusalem and all that.

The "Cute as a Button" bear really appealed to me as it looked relatively simple to do whilst at the same time being a bit silly looking with its balloon-like head.

Lightbulb bear

I love the funny shape - the bulbous head and tiny arms and legs.  So I decided to cast aside all other works in progress (oh so many...) and hook this one up at the weekend. Hubby thinks he looks like a lightbulb and gave him the name Elbee ("L", "B", for LightBulb...groan...) How darn cute is this bear?  I mean seriously, what's not to adore?  I loved him so much in fact I made another one to keep him company....

Lightbulb bears!

The yarn is a beige acrylic DK left over from Luna the Unicorn earlier in the week.  And some of the yarn I had left from my Christmas ravelry swap, the same stuff I used for Phoebe's leg-warmers. I am very much taken with the colours of this yarn - not pastel, but not garish - all the colours have a kind of dirty feel to them which makes them feel earthy and warm.  Love it.

Lightbulb bears!

Elbee is tucked up next to hubby's pillow, and the other has been named Princess and is snuggled in the arms of Lillia as I type.  She's running out of room in her bed with all the bears and soft animals she keeps adopting.  In fact, this is leading me to another crochet project, more on that another day though...



  1. Ha, such a funny guy! He'd be perfect for a Toy Society drop, don't you think? I know the dilemma with too-small bed for little girl + animal friends. We've got the same problem. :)

  2. Elbee is so adorable... just love him

  3. Hello, where can I find the pattern to this bear? It is so unique! I need to make it for my little brother ( he is three, I am 29 haha) Wether it is free or pay pattern, I must have it.
    Thanks for any clues you can give,


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