Saturday, 9 May 2009

Day 141: Ipod Protector

Day 141 has been lovely as we spent it with family down in rural Kent playing football in the sun and eating pizza in the garden. My darling little girl made her first photography attempt with this lovely picture of hops (Kent is famous for its distinctive oast houses, which are used to dry hops, which are used to make beer...yum!)

For my latest creative news I am cheating slightly as I actually made this a month ago:

I was lucky enough to be given an Ipod Touch for my birthday in April, I've never owned anything like it before and I love it. So naturally I wanted to protect it from scratches and bashes, smudges and bad things*. So I grabbed some scraps of fabric and my mum's sewing machine (which has now somehow, ahem, taken up permanent residence at my house) and I fashioned this little drawstring pouch.

I used stripey ikea fabric, some scraps of Cath Kidson fabric,and some ribbon saved from a Links of London gift box. I always always save bits of ribbon, you just never know!

Happy weekend all xx

* bear in mind that my flashy touch-screen phone met an untimely end yesterday when I dropped it into a pint of lemon squash.

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