Sunday, 31 May 2009

Day 161 - Credit Crunched and hospitalised

The lack of creative activity in the snipsnaphappy world lately has been down to hubby being made redundant and then ending up in hospital in the same fortnight. It's not quite as dramtaic as it sounds - hubby has UC like me and he was called in for a few extra tests to check everything was ok as the stress of losing his job was taking its toll. Everything appears to be improving now though, touch wood, but the strain of redundancy has forced everything else into the back seat for the time-being.

I still managed a quick and fun Rockpool Mirror for the Flickr mosaic challenge group though, which just about saved my sanity.
Rockpool mirror completed!

The challenge is to create a mosaic out of mostly natural materials. I collected nearly all of my materials from my garden. When we moved in to our cottage two years ago the cottage and the garden were a total mess and we have been renovating and improving constantly. The pebbles were salvaged from the old flower beds, the starfish from an old wind-chime that used to hang in next door's garden. The shells are from my vast collection (I can't help myself!) and these particular ones are from Grande Motte in France. The little piece of white coral is from Southend in Essex.

I really enjoyed making this as it was quick and very absorbing, which made for a satisfying distraction from the stress of reality at the moment. I have already collected a bag full of white pebbles to do another pebble mirror.

I've been up to other bits as well: another mosaic, a couple of bags, and a dress for my little girl. But I will write about these another day. Right now, my bed is calling...


  1. Oh Ali- I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's health being affected by his redundancy. My husband is too and I know what a toll it can take.

    I love your mirror! All the special pieces you've put together have resulted in a really wonderful piece!

    I'm sending positive thoughts and some hugs. I hope things turn around soon for all of us.

    Keep creating!

  2. Thanks Donna, and sorry to hear about your hubby too.
    All positive thoughts received and appreciated, I am sending more of the same your way, fingers crossed it all comes good soon, eh?


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