Friday, 15 May 2009

Day..? - Things to smash

I love my new found sewing obsession. But I still think daily about my mosaic passion.

Today my 3-year-old daughter and I had an unexpected and lovely day together, I was not at work so she didn't go to nursery. She helped me shop around local charity shops looking for fabric to recycle into bags. Alas the fabric hunt was unsuccessful: one area I chose to visit was very affluent, so the donated clothes were too beautiful and had too much wear left in them, I couldn't bring myself to cut them up. The second shop I went to was great but the materials were too stretchy and too over-priced.

However!! I did fantastically well in gathering some bone china for use in mosaics...

I found two saucers and two teacups for just £2:

I also found a flowery plate:

I also got a lovely heart-shaped jewellery pot which is just gorgeous but for some reason I can't upload the photo here without it coming out sideways. It's on flickr though - link is on the left!
I am feeling so inspired recently - I see uses for everything, from old plates and fabrics, to pebbles in my garden. My problem is lack of time for everything I want to do and try. So I am now going to try a new method of creating one project at a time and then not starting a new project until the previous is completed. That wayI might feel more in control, and live with less mess of course. Sticking to this new method though may prove rather difficult!
The important thing is that I feel inspired and full of confidence and I am looking forward to seeing what this will bring!

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