Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Peace, love and Lemsip

Hey dudes and dudettes.  Hope all is hanging well with you all today, man.

Ali, who writes this groovy blog, is still, like, totally sickly man.  So I, Graham the Hippy, have taken over today. 

I'm an easy going kind of dude.  I like to slip on my flip-flops and just hang out.  Stress and worry ain't my bag baby.

I just like to chillax and contemplate, like, world peace and other totally groovy stuff - like cake and stuff, man.

So join me on my guided meditation dudes and dudettes...visualise the mug of lemsip...feel the cosy duvet and imagine the endless supply of satsumas nearby...hear the soothing tones of Audrey Hepburn and Bogie in Sabrina...ummmmmmmmm.....ummmmmmmm....

Well done man, like, far out.

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  1. Hey Ali - hope you are feeling better now. I've missed your little snippets of life.



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