Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Little bags

You know what it's like - you're dashing out to the shops, hubby's doing the childcare, you've got two hours, tops, just for you.  You don't need the bag you use for family days out - massive, slightly worn, stuffed with wipes, snacks, tissues, spare clothes.  You don't need your work bag - slightly less massive, stuffed with tissues, ipod, book, travelcard and, if you're like me, snacks.  You need a bag just big enough for your keys, your mobile and your purse...ok, and a snack.

So I made one...

It has a pink bunny as a nod to the season - a bit springy and easter themed (ok, I'm a bit late for easter!)  I really like this bag, it is made from a cut of old wool fabric, lined with organic cotton and appliqued with recycled felt and, as planned, it is perfct for carrying those little essentials.  So I made some more...

And there's more to come too!  Not quite sure what I am going to do with them.  I was planning on opening an online shop and maybe selling a few things, but I am just not convinced that I would be able to dedicate the time, and I'd be too nervous that my handywork wouldn't be good enough and I'd have a ton of annoyed customers!  So for now I continue to sew for pleasure, and keep giving my friends and family bags, dolls and purses :)



  1. There lovely, I especially like the pig!
    I thoroughly understand your worries about opening an on-line shop as they're the same thoughts that enter my mind when friends and family suggest that I give it a go. But I guess you never know until you try it!

  2. Hi Ali

    I have thought about selling online but I am worried about the same things you mentioned. However, I have found craft fairs to be great - people can see what they're buying so can't be disappointed when it arrives. Maybe you could get together with some other crafty folk and have a stall between you - that way you dont need to produce lots and lots of things yourself?

    Fi x

  3. They're very cute. I like the outer fabric.

    I understand what you're meaning about online shops. I've had nothing but lovely feedback from my customers, and I know I work hard to make good quality things, yet I still worry that something will fall apart or just not be good enough.... What can you do, really? As long as you're still enjoying it, doesn't matter, I guess. :)

  4. I just popped by to say that i love the little bags. I am very much a none handbag girl, I really dislike them, but struggle to carry a purse, car keys, mobile phone and whatever all in my hands LOL, so I had to buy a bag. Had I seen something like this around, I'd have probably opted for one rather than the hideous thing I have to carry around at the moment LOL

    I also adore the little crochet daisy in your photo block at the side of your blog. Where did you find the pattern for it?

  5. How do you feel about selling them in the U.S.A? Have just received the BEST package in the mail and my friend who owns a darling little shop called Maude is about to be introduced to your purses.
    I'll let you know what she thinks!
    And, thank you so much - more thanks to come! You are brilliant crafty lady.


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