Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My favourite blogs..and a thank-you

I have been fortunate enough since starting this blog to meet (in the virtual sense) some pretty fabulous people.  I don't think I spend enough time singing the praises of those whose blogs I love to visit, who make me laugh, and who provide support in the form of comments, little tweets, emails or through the writing and pictures in their inspirational blogs.  So it is time for me to give a little back!  Over the next month (or six, may as well take my time) I am going to draw attention to some (not all, or I'd be here all year!) of my very most favourite blogs, so that others who pass by here can find other fantastic bloggers. 

So first up!  Lottie Loves.

Picture: Lottieloves

Lottie and I are no strangers to each other in the virtual world, and we've even met twice in real life, as we both suffer from the same illness which we both used to blog extensively about (I still do occasionally).  Before this though we met through Babyworld when I was pregnant with Lillia and Lottie was pregnant with her second son.

Picture: Lottieloves

She is a crafty mum of two and a bit of a domestic diva truth be told.  I've never been to her house but I bet it's very stylish!

Picture: Lottieloves

Lottie is also a big fan of the the 1940s and wartime things, she's an expert (!) West Coast Swing dancer and as if that were not all enough she is also a Labour fundraiser AND she and her lovely hubby were the last couple in Britain to get married in the 20th century!

First Blogland..then the WORLD!

Lottie also recently nominated me for the MADS awards, which was a lovely thing to do, but even lovlier was the post she wrote when she did so.

The MADs

When I read what she had written I was so touched.  Most of us just get on with things don't we?  Yes things can get pretty hard sometimes but you'd bore everyone to tears if you harped on about it (besides that's what my other blog is for!)  So for somebody to say such lovely things, to acknowledge what you go through, or what you have been through, and say a kind of "well done you"...well...that's just amazing.  Truly.  Especially when it is said by somebody you really like and appreciate.  I won't be asking for further nominations or pursuing this though, just because being nominated at all is basically the same as being handed an Oscar for me!  I am very easily pleased :)

So, basically if you have a moment make a cuppa and head on over to Lottie's blog, she has some interesting things to say, she makes some lovely crafty things, she is a fantastic mummy and a genuinely lovely person, you won't be disappointed.

Ooh, that was fun writing that.  Now..who will be my next victim..?


  1. Aw, what a nice post. I think I might've visited Lottie before, but I'm off to take another look!

  2. What a great idea.
    I'm of to pay Lottie a visit!

  3. Awwww, how do I reply to that *bighug*

    Looking forward to meeting some of your friends xxx


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