Saturday, 3 April 2010

My new kitchen hook

I love cake I do!

I love making it and I love eating it and I love neat, colourful little images of cake too.

When we went shopping on Lillia's birthday earlier this week we couldn't resist a visit to the Mystical Fairies shop at Bluewater here in Kent. 

We went in to find a little birthday treat for Lillia, which we did in the form of a decorate-your-own princess mirror, but we also came away with a little treat for me too...

I've needed a hook for my kitchen calendar for ages and now I have the perfect cakey one to use...

It is perfect for hanging my calendar (a freebie from Ideal Home magazine)...

Now I'll remember all those April birthdays...including mine!  ;)

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend xx

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