Monday, 26 April 2010

My favourite blogs - MLE LN

My apologies, dear readers, for my sudden short absence from blogging and commenting.  I have two really good excuses: firstly I started my new job, which has been very time and energy consuming; secondly, well, the second excuse will have to wait until later this week, but I promise it's a reeeally good one...just wait and see :)

In the meantime, lest the suspense should kill you, I shall distract you with the second in my Favourite Blogs series.  Lovely readers, I would like to introduce you to...

I came across Emily's blog via the Toy Society.  I followed the link to her blog after seeing the cute little bears that she had dropped in Seattle.  After browsing through all of her posts I was hooked.  Emily is very clever and very generous when it comes to sharing the how-tos for the things she makes, I mean who could possibly resist a Yum Yum Spring Sprout Cake?!

Seriously, they're cakes!

Or how about these ridiculously dinky merit badges...

I love these, they make me smile :)

Or maybe some gorgeous pouches for a the "block-drawing game"?

Recently Emily offered out one of her crafty cocktail rings...

I jumped straight on the offer!  But, feeling a bit bad about coming out of lurking just to grab a freebie, I offered one of my matryoshka dolls in return.  To my delight she accepted!  And a couple of weeks later I opened a parcel to find this...

I can't resist a sweet little bag, and the notepaper, eek, too much cuteness!  But best of all, inside was my very own cocktail ring...

How fabulous is that?  Fab. U. Lus.  I love it, thanks Emily!

So go pay Emily a visit, have a go at some of her tutorials, check out her toy drops, and enjoy the lovely craftiness!

(All photos, apart from the last two, are Emily's, with permission.)


  1. What a gorgeous ring. I have been over to visit and I am looking forward to reading more from Emily. Thanks for letting us know about her xx

  2. Ooh, I love a crafter with diverse talents. Lovely things and lucky you. Thanks for sharing!


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