Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bargains and Destash blanket

Despite feeling completely hideous this morning (whenever I begin to believe I am feeling better the hormones turn against me, grrr) I managed to have a sunshiney bargainy morning at the local car boot sale with my hubby, mummy and little one.

In fact the little one did rather well for herself, we couldn't believe our luck when we found two girls selling off their vast collection of Polly Pocket toys.  We picked up a house, complete with dolls and magnetic furniture, plus a camper van which folds out into some form of disco mansion extravaganza, complete with camping couple and a little dog.

£2 in total! Unbelievable bargain!  In fact, we even sneaked back when Lillia wasn't looking and snapped up a Polly Pocket water park with its own blow up pool to put away for Christmas. 

I came away with, amongst other things, a gorgeous enamel bracelet...

It is set with shiny stones all the way round, the enamel is cream and the inside is gold and it is just so funky, I love it.  I can't wait for somebody to comment on it and ask where I bought it so I can reply "Oh this? It was 50p at a boot sale"!

Work is underway on the completion of my destash blanket...

After some consideration I decided to edge each of the large granny squares in a lovely creamy aran wool I have left over from the ripple scarf.  I then intend to sew them together and finish it all off with some form of edging in the same creamy wool.  I enjoy working on things that just take shape as you go, it makes it all the more exciting to have no idea where you're heading!

So tonight I am going to bed ridiculously early.  I will be popping on a chick flick, taking my cup of tea to bed and will settle down here to crochet the evening away...

I do hope you have all enjoyed a lovely sunny weekend :)


I just spotted on the Toy Society website this drop using my matryoshka doll tutorial (link on the right)!  It's so exciting to see that my tutorial actually works, and especially exciting that more dolls are being dropped all round the world! 

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