Saturday, 5 June 2010

Destashing fun

With the new addition due in December we have started to have a clear out. I think I may have mentioned it a few times before (what do mean hundreds of times?) but our house is small. Very small. Drawers are being cleared, the loft is being tidied, storage is being streamlined and, yes, lists are being made.

There is no luxurious craft room in this little cottage, in fact I'm lucky to get half a craft drawer and my wool jostles for space with muslins and lego.  So it's time for a destash which, I am discovering, is rather fun. Today's post brings you the first product of the snippings bag!

I needed a little bag for all those ends of wool that get snipped off as I weave in ends, I save them for stuffing toys and sachets later on.  So I started on a circle, then started just working stripes of double crochet stitiches in any colour that was nearest to me.

There was a few moments earlier this afternoon when Lillia nearly nicked it for a hat, and I have to admit she has a point, it does make a bloody good hat.  But no!  It is my snippings bag.  But...I do need a little bag for transporting my crochet on the daily commute.

So now I will have to wait and see what it becomes.  Commutable-crochet-transportation-device?  Or snippings-vessel? 

Only time will tell. In the meantime I am working on my destash blanket, more on the progress of that in a day or two.

It's funny, I am a winter girl at heart, so in this heat I still take comfort in crocheting snuggly things, despite sweaty hands!


  1. Well, perhaps you just have to make a couple more for other purposes, too. ;)


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