Sunday, 20 June 2010

Whitstable and Gremlins

For father's day today, after Dan's chosen breakfast of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, we headed for the fresh air of the sea.

We headed to one of our favourite places in Kent - the lovely Whitstable.  I've always had a dream to live in the country surrounded by fields, but visiting Whitstable always makes me feel I could easily live the seaside life.  It's so fresh and friendly and cosy and...just lovely.

We didn't go alone though, oh no.  Today we had an extra addition to our group.  Meet Rosie the gremlin...

Made using a pattern from the fabulous book, "Curious Creatures for Immature Adults" Rosie is an inquisitive little gremlin.  She was keen to buckle up and join us for the trip to Whitstable...

Lillia and I made her together yesterday, she chose all he fabrics and embellishments, I did the cutting out and pinning, she did the placing of pins into the pin cushion, I sewed, she stuffed, and we all had a lot of fun with lentils for Rosie's feet and hands.

Rosie particularly enjoyed hanging out on the beach, the blustery winds didn't bother at all as she is made from the soft and wooly material of a pair of upcycled curtains.

When we went for a father's day lunch of fish and chips Rosie discovered a love of mushy peas...

Then it was time for one last breath of sea air before heading home for a nice cup of tea...

We do love Rosie.  In fact she was so much fun to make and to hang out with that there just might be more gremlins to come very soon!  Watch this space :)



  1. Hi Ali, sorry I only just read your comment! congratulations! Im due on the 8th of November so we're about a month apart! did you see the crochet baby patterns in crochet today there was some lovely things, i tried to crochet a cardigan but went a bit wrong on the shoulder increases! must try again! how are you feeling? we are trying to sort our little cottage out so we can fit another person in and all the stuff that comes with a baby! he he!!! take care and keep in touch! fliss xx

  2. Rosie is fab!!!

  3. You've gotta love Rosie and such a wonderful day out.

    take care,

    Nina x


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